Powerful Questions to ask Yourself: #3 !

Question 3: What's missing in my life?

A life. Yup. What's missing in my life is a life. I Don't have a life. 
I'm currently not living the life that I want.
I don't love myself.
I don't treat myself right.
I'm not doing the things I love.
I'm not treating the people I love right, not that I don't want to, because I think I have a really shitty attitude problem and a lot of emotional issues with myself.
I'm afraid of speaking out and making friends and talking to people and therefore I don't have a social life.
I'm afraid of how others would judge me on first impression  like please,
so many people including myself keep talking about not judging others,
then why is first impression so darn important?

You are judging someone on first impression as well,
it's the same thing. 
First impressions = Judge.
Judge = First impressions.

There are many things in my life that I feel is missing, yet I don't know what the fuck should I do to fix up my messed up life that I, myself, me, messed up.

I hope as I grown older/ grow up I'll fix up my life.
No actually, I WILL. Not I hope. I WILL.         



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