Day 2 of 30 days Thinspo Challenge!

Tuesday, 8th January 2013
Day 2: How tall are you? Do you like your height? 

Pish, I'm so short, I can star in 'Snow-white and the seven dwarfs'.
Not as snow-white, but as a dwarf. 

No I do not like my height and if there is a way to change my height,
I'll do whatever it takes to make myself at least a few Centimetres taller.
But for now I guess I could wear shoes with heels or whatever.
But I prefer just wearing flats and flip-flops so that's a problem.

I don't really like weight heels cause, I can't balance/ walk in them properly :/

Yes, I do practice. 
But still, I suck at walking in high heels. I'll just suddenly trip without any cause or reason and fall and as a result people will just look at me in a weird way. 

-insert meme here-


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