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Jumping back to the online world yet again

Yes, Hi World. Or more of the online platform where almost everyone has connection to. I went back to check up on my last few posts and I was just laughing at myself like whuttt the only topic that I touched on last year was my braces update and heck it was in January like freaking in the beginning of the year with just one measly post which wasn't even detailed. Frankly speaking 2016 flew by like a bullet train or maybe even faster than that man. Being preoccupied with work, extra work, managing my binge eating issues (decided not to put a label on myself saying its a disorder cause I watched a video somewhere which said that once you put a label on yourself its gonna be pretty hard to get rid of it as you'll be attached to it and our mind will try to hold on to it and.. I really want to have control of my binge eating habits thus the change of title; and I don't know the accuracy of this piece of information haha..), certain relationship issues, thinking of ways t

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