Day 16 of 21 junk food free challenge !

Tuesday, 1st January 2013
Day 16: Do you do weight training, cardio or both? What is you favourite and least favourite exercise?


Finally, it's 2013. we've all survived 2012 LOL.
I wish you guys and girls a very happy 2013 and have a good one! :D

I do some weight training but mostly cardio because I wanna lose fats first then tone up. 
Surprisingly I LOVE exercising on my home Elliptical Trainer and my least favourite is well... long-distance running? I have no stamina LOL.

I don't know why but I can exercise on the elliptical for like 2hrs, but can't run properly for 10minutes. :/

Today I had two cups of bubble tea (oops) & a bowl of beancurd with red beans. 

-insert meme here-


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