Day 19 of 21 days junk food free challenge!

Friday, 4th January 2013
Day 19: Who do you look up to health/fitness-wise? What is it that you admire most?

hmm, Scola Dondo ! 
She is a Youtuber who posts health related videos and I find her really motivative and inspirational ! When she was 14, she decided to lose weight and now she is 17 and have lost 50lbs ! I really LOVE LOVE her videos. I can also relate to some of her videos as well.
I admire her positiveness and encourageness (yes this is not a word LOL).

These are some of her videos I really love:

Okay.. Today I kind of broken my junk food challenge again..

Breakfast: Soya bean Milk
Lunch: Veggie noodles, A coffee pudding & a bottle of water
Dinner: A glass of iced coffee.

-insert meme here-


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