Day 18 of 21 days junk free food challenge !

Thursday, 3rd January 2013
Day 18: Do you go to the beach? Do you wear a bikini? How do you feel when you do so? Would you like to feel differently?

Haha soo not used to '2013'.
I hardly ever go to the beach because I prefer sheltered areas and don't really like
the sun. I prefer staying indoors and cozy stuff. 
Nope, never in my life have I worn a bikini :(
I'm too self-concious about myself to do so.
And anyway I don't have much chances to wear a bikini because technically I'm not
a really outdoor-sy person.
But I would really wanna wear one someday .. LOL.

Lunch: Salmon pepper rice with miso soup and soya bean drink.
Dinner: A bowl of mixed fruits & soya bean milk.

Yes I really love anything soya bean. :D

-insert meme here-


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