Day 21 of 21 days junk food free challenge !

Sunday, 6th January 2013

Day 21: How do you feel? Have you noticed any changes in yourself?

wow, 3 weeks just gone by like that. Felt so fast yet so slow, or is it felt so slow yet so fast.. anyway, 3 weeks has just gone by, and it's the finale day of the 21 days junk food free challenge!
Okay, I broke it twice, so 19 days successful junk food free :3
I feel great! Like I actually realise that I don't need chocolate and ice cream to survive.

I did noticed a change in my food eating style/habit.
- When I have cravings, I tend to think of healthier alternatives like fruits and yoghurt as compared to the past I would just grab tons of chocolate and just stuff it in my face.
- When I go out to eat, I tend to choose the healthier options/alternatives as compared to the past I would just choose whatever I like even if the food has tons of fats and calories.
- I found my love for salads :3 I actually hated salads, but now I have no idea why I crave for them xD
- I love chicken more! Yes I was a meat-lover since forever, but I didn't really like eating steam or boiled chicken meat. In the past I preferred fried chicken wings & drums. Now I just LOVE steam or boiled chicken meat. LOL. I became weird o.O

So this is the end of my 21 days junk food free challenge! I found it really interesting and challenging, and it has changed the way I eat and the way I actually behave around food. hahaha!

Lunch: 2 apples & a bowl of fish porridge
Dinner: Minced pork porridge
Snacks: Papaya, pineapple & grapes

My next challenge is gonna start tomorrow !
So look out for it ;)

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