Powerful Questions to ask Yourself: #2 !

Question 2: What am I grateful for?

I can think of one name that describes myself in terms of gratefulness in my life.

Ungrateful Bitch.

Yeah.. I kind of admit it. I take things for granted and am so damn ungrateful for everything that I have in life.
Simple necessities and people in life such as food, clothes, a home/house, good parents,a wonderful boyfriend and a older sister who gets along quite fairly good with me. I take them ALL for granted. I realise now.. that I'm really ungrateful.
The food that my grandma prepares. I just say 'Thank You!' And not really be grateful for it.
Studying for a higher education. I just sulk everyday dreading to go school and revise and all that shit.
Food. I eat food for temporary pleasure and I live to eat. Not eat to live. I want to eat to live. Food is vital for the survival of myself, a human, yet I abuse my body by eating so much for a few days or every for weeks, and then crash diet for a few weeks by eating very little. I am super ungrateful for all the delicious food I have around me and to eat them in moderation, but yet I abuse both the food and my body.

I'm ungrateful for so many things.. and I want to change this aspect of myself.

I want to be happy with who I am, what I have and the achievements I've made and am gonna make in the future.

I want to be grateful for every little positive happenings in my life.
- Waking up to my new companion, Pixel the mixed Netherland dwarf bunny. 
- Waking up to the sound of all my little hammies squeaking at each other and chasing each other.
- Be able to have such a wonderful and caring boyfriend that has been with me for a year now.
- Enjoy my grandma's cooking whenever I can.
- Am able to go school and study.
- Am able to live in such a comfortable home and not at parks or playgrounds.
- Have such awesome parents who I know loves me and I love them.
- Am able to have a laptop and use it.

And many many more but I am too lazy to type them all out :/ 
But I want to change to be a grateful person in 2013.
No more being whiny about everything, time to learn to appreciate life and learn to live life to the fullest. 



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