Powerful Questions to ask yourself: #1 !

Yes ! I'm back ! After such a long time, I sincerely apologise.
After stopping at my last post about the negative influences of Thinspiration, 
And stopping the 30 days Thinspo challenge,
I'm back with a new challenge! 
This will not really be a challenge I guess, cause I'mma answer a question directed to myself for the next, 

99 DAYS. 

ahahah Yep, a question a day keeps the .. erm, doctor, away.. ? :/ oh god. LOL.

With thanks to this website right here -> http://daringtolivefully.com/99-powerful-questions

You can also join me on this journey of finding out more about yourself and thinking about your future, your emotions, etc etc  

Question 1: What do I want?

Oh man, even the first question is a tough one for me already.
What do I want?
Honestly, I have no fucking idea. 
Ever since I was young, I did everything half-way.
By that I mean :

6 Years old : Did ballet for about 6 months? Quit because I found it hard.
7 Years old : Took art classes at a near-by community centre for around.. 2~3 months. Quit because I found it hard.
9~11 Years old : Did Karate & tried learning the piano. Quit both because I found it hard.
13 Years old : Joined a band due to my school curriculum. Was there for about 3~4 months and quit. Joined IT club. Quit after 3 months. 
14 Years old : Tried learning guitar. Quit.
15~now : Stopped everything and gave up completely.

Currently I'm just studying for a basic Diploma, the typical everyone-is-doing-it course because franking speaking I don't have anything in mind at all to what I want to do when I older and I'm not getting any younger.

Time doesn't wait for me. Time doesn't wait for anyone.

But currently on my what-do-I-want wishlist is to lose weight, have nice skin, all that vanity shit.

But I want to focus more on:

1. Getting my Diploma successful this year.
2. Work hard at MacDonalds.
3. Learn new stuffs or continue learning things.

These are just some things of what do I want now.
But what do I want in life? This I don't know.
But I hope to realise it soon. 

Just some picture updates because I have not blog-ed for such a long time!



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