Dog Cafe (We are the Furballs[WTF]) in Singapore !

A couple of days ago I went to this dog cafe at Katong with my sister and today I decided to go with my boyfriend !
It's really cute and cosy there, you can play with their dogs and have bubble tea. :D

WTF Cafe Facebook :

Today my boyfriend and I could give doggy treats to them :D

They packaged the doggy treats into cute little plastic bags :3
Even the sticker is cute !!

Now for pikture spamming time ~ !



  1. Wow! what a unique place haha. Never knew there were cafes like these?!
    Happy New Year btw! :)

    1. Its really special :D samee i just found out about it too, didnt know there were such cute cafes :3 happy new year too !


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