Review on Maxi Eyes Contact lens in Grey !

***I'm not a professional reviewer and whatever I say if you don't agree, well then, different people have different opinions***


I've been using this brand of contacts for like, 2 years now?

I've tried their brown and blue. Blue doesn't suit me and brown is not, how do I say,
obvious enough LOL.

Today I'll be reviewing the Grey contact lens by Maxi eyes ! 

I heard Maxi Eyes is a home-brand from Spectacle Hut. 

I love any type of grey contact lens! Grey is like POP POP but not very POP POP. 
lol #WhatTheChicken such a stupid way of expressing how I feel.

It's UVA & UVB Blocker ! I guess that means it protects my eyes from the harmful UV rays from the sun? May be true or not. I don't know. :O But that's what the box says soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yup. :P 

Base Curve: 8.6
Diameter: 14.0
Monthly contact lens. So after a month, throw it away.

Yes the diameter is not big, it's not really a big dolly eye effect contact lens. 
But the colour is quite strong, which is something I like about it. :D 

My eyes are bad I know.. I wear contact lens with degree and Needa wear glasses in school :( 

Without the lens : 

Try'na be cool and swaggie like G-Dragon. Fail. 

With the lens :


I love how the colour is quite obvious and it's quite comfortable as well. :D

But of course wearing it for extensive hours will result in my eyes feeling blurry and dry.
So try to wear your contact lens for as lesser hours as possible. #EnglishFail

Overall, Love it. ~~~~

Ending with my boyfriend ! Gave him a cute cupcake and a Helium 'I love You' balloon tied to the cupcake box! He fell down a steep slope yesterday evening and ended up with bruises everywhere D: 

Get well soon, my love ~

ahahahahah so cheesy but anyway,

bai ! 


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