My "Top songs" list for English and Korean music for the 2nd half of 2012 !

This is just totally my opinion! I love both English and K-pop so these are just my most favourite songs, for now. :3 teehee.

 ****NOT according to any rankings, just randomly put them here and there and here and there and here and there****

 English Songs

1. Taylor swift - Red 

I've heard almost all her songs from many years ago when she just debuted till now. And I think she is awesome, pretty, plays the guitar super duper well & has such a sweet voice. 'Red' is currently her latest song released I think. 

 2. Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch - Sweet Nothing

Two words man. AWESOME BEAT. I LOVE songs like that. Keeps me awake (not really....)

3. The Wanted - I found You


I started lovin' The Wanted from their song 'Glad You Came'.

4. Jedward - Luminous

When I just got to know Jedward, I thought it was only a guy named Jedward, not twins. LOL WTF

5. Conor Maynard feat. Ne-Yo - Turn Around

He looks so young :O But bah, so many famous people now are super young. Look at Honeybooboo child.

6. Flo Rida - I Cry 

Korean Songs

 1. C-Clown - Far Away

Why are they called 'C-Clown' when they don't even look like clowns. 

2. BTOB - wow


It's Catchy. The chorus. Actually. All chorus(s) are catchy. Actually. Nope. Not really.

3. G-Dragon - Crayon

GD is so hyper and fun and crazy in this song and music video. I LOVE IT!

4. Boyfriend - Janus

At first I didn't like this song at all, but then, It grew on me~ :3

5. Ailee - I will Show You

Her voice is AMAZING. Especially in her song 'Heaven'. Plus I like the meaning of this song. GET REVENGE ON EX-BOYFRIEND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Block B - Nillili Mambo

Such a wacky but interesting song. Love the randomness hereee ! 

Thats all for now. :D 

My Korean Spicy Tofu Soup with Kimchi and rice. Yumyum.



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