Exam is over and ! Gonna start a new assignment + work :(

Just a quick update ! 

I've finally finished my Business Statistics course after 4 weeks and -PHEW-
I really don't like it cause it's Maths and I hate Maths. :/ Tragically. 

I took a one week break off work to study like CRAZY for the exam and now I've to start
working again this week. Plus Imma start a new module so I'll be having a new assignment. 

Sigh but a college student gotta do what a college student should do so ..

I'm SO sorry for not updating for such a long time as well. :( 

I'll try updating more, so for now you can watch this mini cover of Hyuna's 'To My Boyfriend' song that is in her latest 'Melting' album. It's not great but I just love this song. :3

She's so pretty ~~~~~~~ 

My really retarded looking sushi that I made with a hard boil egg. lol. random.



  1. What! Are you Korean? O__O I never knew.. I just thought American so I never thought of your ethnicity.. Your cover was really good and I agree: Hyunah is so pretty and great body as well. She must have worked hard to tone her body because I saw some predebut pictures :D

  2. oh no no i'm not korean just that i watch a lot of korean dramas and picked up korean from there LOL. her body is just awesome :D

  3. the sushi looks interesting lol

    xoxo Wengie

    1. hahaha no way they look weird :P Your make-up is so Gyaru! so Japanese :D You remind me of Tsubasa Masuwaka ~


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