11th Month Anniversary Celebration at Nando's !

Today is my 11th Month Anniversary with my boyfriend !
So we've decided to have lunch at Nando's with my parents ~ 

We went to this outlet at Plaza Singapura. 
BUT, don't worry. I stick to my 21 days junk food free challenge ;)

Caesar Salad ! This was what I ate :3 It's actually pretty yum! 

Garlic bread with Mushroom soup! I only shared the soup with my boyfriend. He and my dad ate all the garlic bread :O

Their famous Nando's chicken with side dishes of wedges and Cole slaw and corn and garlic bread ! I only ate the chicken.. my mum, dad and boyfriend ate the rest xD

And for our 11th month anniversary, my boyfriend got my a bear named Pixie from Build a bear workshop! 

It's all DIY from choosing which plushie you want to stuffing it and even bathing it! 
And it has a heart :3 awwwwwwh~!
They even sell clothes and accessories and pjs and costumes and wigs and shoes and boxers  for your plushies !! 

Pixie posing with his birth certificate !! 
We got him a stylish red hoodie :3 LOL.



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