Day 8 of 21 days junk food free challenge !

Monday, 24th December 2012
Day 8: Have you got any tips or tricks to keep yourself from eating junk food?

Yes ! From the first week of no junk food, I've found out the one BEST tip that 
prevented myself from eating junk food.


Yup. That's right. Vainity. 
I realised that I could distract myself from fatty foods by thinking or keeping
myself occupied by fashion and beauty. And blogging ! :D 

So, everytime when I have the urge to reach for chocolate and biscults and all
that junk, I will rush to my computer and open up tons of online clothes store tabs on my web brower. LOL.

Or if I don't have my computer, I'll use my phone and go on instagram and look at clothes from there. 

Or if I feel the really STRONG STRONG urge of eating cakes and nutella, I will just wear my shoes and go window shopping immediately. 

Fashion and beauty has really gave me the strength to say NO to junk food. Because, I WANT to look good. And of course feel good as well. :)

The last tip is obiviously,


Recently I've went for a health check up and, HOHOHO
The doctor said that I have too much oil in my body and asked me to
cut down or cut off oily foods completely.

Well, oily foods is kinda like junk food? LOL.

But anyway I've decided to have a cleaner diet that I can stick to for the rest of
my life. :)

Today I had a cloudy apple juice from starbucks and wanton noodles and soup for lunch.

-insert meme here-



  1. Lol Vanity sure does many great things *nod nod* Before I just indulged in junk until I was quite repulsed by it xD It worked for quite a long time! haha Definitely NOT a good idea though O.o

    1. haha since I'm young might as well :) But when I'm older I guess the other reason is to look after my health as well :)


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