Day 12 of 21 junk food free challenge !

Friday, 28th December 2012
Day 12: Why do you want to be fit?

I want to be fit because being unhealthy and lazy (in my opinion) is not a good lifestyle 
to live life the fullest. And being unhealthy is a really, really bad habit to have for 
the rest of one's life.

YOLO = You Only Live Once.

Cherish your life.

I know .. Sometimes life is really hard and challenging and tough and stressful and shitty.
There are times where I remember thinking of just ending my life once and for all,
escaping all the madness and hardships,
to run away and never to think about them.

But I thought of my loved ones and especially the people who made me and had me born into this world. They obviously had suffered in some way before having me and while taking care of me.

Think about it. 

So I want to be healthy, fit, and life my live to the fullest.

And to you Readers too. :)

Everyone is special, seriously, everyone is unique in their own ways but sometimes the World is just harsh and unfair.


Today I had a bowl of rice with some hotplate chicken and tofu and cabbage and fish.

Yummy ! 

-insert meme here-


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