Day 14 of 21 days junk food free challenge !

Sunday, 30th December 2012
Day 14: Do you like yourself? How do you deal with negative feelings? What do you like the most about yourself?

Frankly speaking I dislike myself.
Not because I think I'm fat and ugly, but because I don't like my personality, behavior and sometimes the way I treat others. And I want to change my thinking and personality and behavior but I don't know how to start :(

In the past, I used to deal with negative feelings by binge eating.
When I felt lonely and useless and unsociable, I would grab everything in my
kitchen cabinet and start stuffing myself with truck loads of food, without even
thinking about anything and just mindlessly eat. 

but now, I decided to blog about everything going on in my life and just shift myself to different alternatives instead of eating to cope with my emotions. 

Today I woke up at 1pm and had chicken porridge and tofu with bottled pokka green tea for lunch.
for dinner I had cabbage with dokkbokki and papaya and grapes.

-insert meme here-


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