Etude House Skin Mal:gem review in Deep Moist ~ !

What is the meaning of mal:gem, you may ask?

Well, honestly I have no idea so read the box below :

Yes I know the words can't be seen so Imma type out what they defined mal:gem as. LOL.

Mal:gem is the Korean word for cleanliness, clarity and purity. Their range of mal:gem products are hypoallergenic, promoting clear and pure complexions with moisturising and pore cleansing formulas. 

The advertisement is so cute ! 

The music is catchy. :3 

Plus Dara from 2NE1 and SHINee are like the faces for this ~~


Basically there are 6 types in this Mal:gem range.

I've got the Key's Deep Moist one :D Weeee~ Can my skin be like key's skin? *perfect+flawless*

I first got and tried out this product a couple of months back while looking for an affordable, moisturising but won't make my skin look/feel oily, good for sensitive skin/won't irritate my skin, nice texture, nice smelling product. LOL.

I love how Etude House outlets always have that princess-e feel to them, all pink and shit. 

So in the end I bought the Deep Moist for around $20++. Quite reasonable.
The bottle looks like it is made of glass, but actually it is plastic. :D 
Soooo happy cause I always drop my stuff hehheh. :3

This is my 2nd bottle and I'm already halfway through it :D

I LOVE the smell. Its so relaxing. LOL.

The texture is super nice and smooth! White-ish colour but when spread on skin becomes transparent, obviously. :P

I've been using this for about 4 months now, So this is what I think :

If your skin is dry-ier, it's a life saviour.
If your skin is oil-ier, hmm maybe the other products under this range
will fit you better. Cause in my opinion the Deep Moist doesn't control oil.
It just really really hydrates your skin.

Overall: Thumbs up! 

-Insert random pikture here-

Did this many many months ago. Can't do it and can't have it anymore cause I'm working with food so these kinda nails are not allowed :/

Signing off with Starbucks !



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