Cheap shit I've bought and Loveeeeeee ! + hamsters !

FINALLY I get to spend some moneeey cause I've got a job now and am not as broke as last time. I couldn't even afford to buy any clothes and I pick up old junk from rubbish bins.

Nah jokes that is too overboard but still I couldn't spend much cause I didn't have a job. :/

So I've got some items which I had to think for like .. few hours whether I REALLY REALLY wanted to purchase them. If not I'm afraid I'll buy them and be like : 

You know that feeling. The feeling of pure regretion (LOL it's not even a word) of 'oh fuck my life I shouldn't have bought this WHY WHY WHY' . #MONEYFLYAWAY

1) Pastel coloured pullover

The material is AWESOME. It's super soft and super duper comfy. Especially on cold days or in air-conditioned rooms, gaaah the warm feeling. :3 I absolutely LOVE the colours here as well. It's like pastel blue and pink. And white. It's like wearing candy LOL. I feel that this pullover is cute and pretty-ish. 

2) Guns 'n' Roses sleeveless top

I simply LOOOOOVE clothes that has those punk vibes in them. This top is basic and simple and can be worn for almost any casual occasions/ days. 

3) Pringles sleeveless top 

Bought this for only $8 I think :3 I think this top is sooo cute cause Mr Pringles is cute, plus he has a moustache! #Ilovemoustaches. It is good for when exercising or doing sports as well. 

4) Spiked hairband

GAAAH this totally goes with the Guns 'n' Roses top. I bought this cause it's cool and hippie. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.
Plus many k-pop celebrities are wearing it :P

So I don't regret buying these things cause I really love them. :D Although I didn't buy much, I rather have a few items I love then have many items I dislike. 

Now, Hamster pictures! Long time since I posted photos of them :P 

Sometimes it's sooo hard to take pictures of them cause they move so fast and the picture becomes blurry like this :


Awkward looking faces.




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