Day 4 of 21 days junk food free challenge !

Thursday, 20th December 2012
Day 4: What is my exercise routine?

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I've already done two posts on the types of exercises I usually do.
But now this is my updated exercise routine :

Because I have a quite major exam next Thursday and work in the evenings (but not everyday), I have to spend a lot of time studying and working. And blogging :)

I would usually reach home at 10-ish pm on days which I've got work, So if I feel lazy and/or tired I'll exercise for at least 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer, or 45mins~1hr if I've got the energy. :D

If I'm really, really lazy and/or tired, I'll just hula hoop. :P

On days which I don't have work, I'll hula hoop and elliptical for an hour or so. :3

Today I drank a Mocha Cappuccino in the morning, had a bowl of chicken and century egg porridge with a can of soya bean drink for lunch and red bean soup with sweet potato in the evening :) 

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