What makes You Laugh?

I don't think this question is part of the "Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself" list, but I feel that this question is quite important to ask yourself, and myself, and herself, and himself.
Yea, I know I blog about quite many depressing stuffs~ 
So this is gonna be a happy post! kinda-ish happy post :D heh.

Well actually Question 22 of "Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself" is "What makes me happy?"
But... happy and laughter is different ! Right? LOL.

So ask yourself,

" What makes you Laugh? "

- Does your dog chewing the fuck out of your living room sofa make you laugh?
- Does the dog next door chasing your pet cat makes you laugh?
- Why am I even talking about animals ..
- Perhaps your best friend tells you jokes that are so bad it's good?
- A text message from your crush? Even if his/her reply is just "lol." you still laugh because it's your crush?
- You are walking halfway on the street when you realised that you are walking in the wrong direction and purposely whip out your phone and pretend laughing like crazy to your phone and swiftly turn around. Smart move.

There are many things in the world that can make you laugh.
Laughing is really important because it releases happy endorphins.
Being depressed all the time doesn't really help the current depressed-feeling you/me.
Instead of listening to ultra super uber sad songs and reminiscing about the past (which obviously worsens the depressed situation), find a reason to laugh.

Even if it is the fuckest reason or lamest reason to laugh, just do it.

In the past, I didn't laugh much. I don't even smile much. I was living in a mind-filled negative world.
So now, I'mma have confidence and laugh my ass out. Not literally. I need my ass. Acts as a cushion when sitting down. heh.

Maybe watch youtubers ranting about nonsense and more nonsense, some are genuinely funny. :D
Maybe watch Korean dramas ( like me! LOLOL ) but not those sad melodramas of course, but those comedy + romantic kinda-ish dramas ~

K this is a really short post. :3
So just think about it, What makes you laugh?
Laughing is the best medicine, so he said.



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