Welcoming a new family member: Pixel the Rabbit! + Some hamster pictures update!

If you guys & girls don't know, I've just adopt a baby bunny for around 2 weeks already! :D
Okay I don't know what gender he/she is yet cause apparently It won't be easy to tell if he/she is a guy or a girl because it's still too young to tell. 
It's around 2 months old now :D 
But for now I'll regard he/she as a he.
It's a mixed Netherland dwarf! The mummy is a Netherland dwarf and the daddy is a local Singaporean rabbit, like those normal white rabbits. :)
The owner put him up for adoption because they wouldn't have time to take cake to it and hence the adoption :3 

And his name is called Pixel ! :D 


Awwwh shucks he's on le tummy :3
Short Sad Story of this picture:
I was listening to music on my earpiece when I took this picture. That white thin wire in the picture is my earpiece wire. After I took this shot, I suddenly realised that my music stopped. And then I saw that my earpiece was bitten into half by Pixel. 
AND THEN! I bought a new earpiece.
I HEART MOUSTACHE! SO CUTE! And he bite it into half as well.

R.I.P Moustache earpiece. At least you lasted for a day.  
Or maybe, I broke the earpieces myself LOOL

"I needa stretch le body!" 

"Ah, I needa show of my beautiful legs~"

Currently since Pixel is still young and growing, he is having Alfalfa Hay and rabbit pellets.

And yes I still have all my hammies :3



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