Powerful Questions to ask Yourself: #11 !

Question 11: Do I seize opportunities?

As I said I've got the fear and thoughts of many many things before taking up an opportunity.
I know that most opportunities will benefit myself, but what if the opportunity does not benefit me and that it fails really badly?
That's what I'll think.
I think in general I'm a very negative-minded person.
And because I'm so afraid to speak out and I'm even afraid of meeting, mixing and talking with new people, I can't really seize opportunities.
Some of you might think, "Just go for it!"
But I just can't.
It's really hard for me.

I always feel that when I meet new people, after the first meeting or chat with that person, he/she doesn't want to continue to be associated with me anymore.
I don't know.. it's like I feel that he/she finds me irritating or annoying and thus don't want to talk to me anymore.
And the thing is, he/she really does not contact me in any way anymore, unless I initiate and the other person will just take a long time to respond and when the person responds, the respond is like
"Yup." "K." "Lol." "Haha."

And even when I meet new people, I don't know what to say. It like the person and I are just looking at each other awkwardly and the other person is giving the "eww she's gross" face. If you know what I mean.

Okay this is going out of topic. 



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