Powerful Question to ask Yourself: #10 !

Question 10: Am I on the look out for opportunities?

This I have to agree. I am constantly looking out for opportunities to grow myself and improve myself.

However, something is holding me back to do so.
Something like the feeling of fear.
Fear that things will not go smoothly.
Fear that things will fail, horribly.
Fear that things will go wrong and everything will just crash.
Fear that I can never do it/make it.
Fear that people will judge me. (This is a HUGE HUGE fear to me, I am always contantly worrying about how people will judge me negatively.)

It's a terrible feeling that I want and need to overcome.

If not, I'll be stuck in my life and will not be able to move on.

When good opportunies arise in my life, sometimes I'll actually reject some, or actually most because I'll be SO darn afraid of what would happen and I'll think so much like "Will this work out??" "Should I try??" "But I know I'll fail though, whats the point of even trying.." "What if after accepting/trying, I fail so badly that I just feel so depress for the rest of my life?!" 

I know I think alot. :/



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