Poweful Questions to ask Yourself: #8 !

Question 8: What do I want more of in my life?

 Love and fun. I want more love and fun in my life.
I feel that I actually destroyed my own life.
I became so insecure and self-conscious when I entered high school that I've been such an introvert and as a result I seldom going out and just stay at home in-front of my laptop watching dramas.
I guess that was when food became my friend.
Since there are no one at home, no one to talk to, no one to share my feelings with,
I turned to food for comfort.
Because Food won't judge you,
Food won't comment about you,
Food doesn't bring you down,
Food is just there.

But I guess because of my binge eating, I kind of lost my social life. 
I lost the fun because I'm so afraid of going out and do things, like fun and enjoyable things, because I'm so darn scared that someone will see me and be like "urgh, so ugly."



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