Etude House Darling Snail Cream Review !


*** Disclaimer, I am not the best reviewer but am reviewing it because I want to share my reviews and feelings of this product. Bought it with my own hard-earned money because I love Etude House. Oh yes and my English is not the best as well***

I love Etude House because their products don't give me any breakouts and all that shit.
and it's a Korean brand! :D

It's called the Etude House Darling Snail Cream! :D
I don't think it is a new Etude House Product, but I've only just learnt about it. 
I need something for sensitive skin, redness, acne scars, moisturising but not too oily, make skin smooth and I decided to try the snail cream produced by Etude House.

It was like $52.90 Singapore Dollars and I was like WTF SO EXPENSIVE ?!?!
Cause being the cheap person than I am, it was counted as an expensive product for me.
But because I'm willing to pamper my skin and to treat it to the best of my abilities, I bought it. 

But anyway I spent more than $50 and thus I became a member of Etude House and got all these free samples as well as a sparkling blingbling pouch!

Guess it wasn't that bad spending $52.90. :3

Going to the review ~~

When You first purchase the product it comes in a box. LOL.

"Nourishing facial cream specially formulated to promote vitalization and protect skin from stress and environment. This product is void of artificial dyes, paraben and alcohol."
And then follows with the directions of application, caution and ingredients.

The cream is held in a very cute little I-think-its-a-glass jar.
It evens come with a spoon to scoop out the cream! So you don't have to use your fingers :D

When you take out the lid there is another lid protecting the cream.

 The cream: It feels quite thick but absorbs quite well into the skin after massaging it on. Just a little bit of the cream goes a long way. Too much of the cream makes it feel really heavy on the skin. It feels nice and refreshing and smooth when applied. There is a scent of something nice but I don't know how to put it in words. Maybe snail mucus smells good. :3 LOL. 

It does a good job of moisturising the skin and not make my skin feel oily and urgh. 
I think it's suppose to be a night cream but bah I use it day and night LOL.
It is very hot in the day in Singapore but the secret is too not apply too much of the cream. Plus you'll take a longer time to finish the cream if you use lesser! 
And since I have sensitive skin, 

The happiest thing is, this product didn't break me out or caused any bad effects on my skin! :D 

Did it improved my skin? To some extent yes, my skin feels smoother.
Would I recommend it? It would be better if you could get a sample of it first, and see whether you like it or not and if your skin is okay with it or not.
Different people have different types of skin so you're skin may react differently.

Ending with my hair! Did a treatment on my badly damaged, grass-like hair.



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