Roaming around Singapore : Bugis Street + my loots ! :D

Bugis Street is like the bestest of the bestest of the best place in Singapore to buy cheap and nice clothes :D
Everything you want, it's here:D Okay maybe not everything but there's:
-Women clothes
-Men clothes
-Children clothes
-Food & Drinks
-Korean/k-pop stuff
For more information you can head over to :

Picture time !

And now for my loots ! :DDDDDDD
Although I didn't buy many things, I'm happy with my purchases :3
And the best thing is, each clothing is less than $15 :D

Just a basic white top with a little Moustache. I like clothes that can easily be paired with other clothes. If you know what I mean. :D  

Another top with a Moustache on it! I love Moustaches! It's like so cute. :3 

A boy eagle crop top! I bought this to go with my army-style shorts. :D

Blue Studded collar top. The shoulders are seen-able. I like this top because it has studs LOL.   

My Army-style shorts ! :D 

I was actually searching for something similar to my FWP #5.
AND I FOUND IT! SO DARN HAPPY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ending with my new-born baby hamsters !! I don't know how their mum gave birth to them when she was separated from the others. LOL.



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