What do I do to exercise now :P

Yes I Binge Eat, But sometimes I'll actually exercise the shit out of my butt and stomach and arms and legs cause I feel guilty and want to make up for it. 

Or sometimes I'll just feel guilty and not do anything :O
Or I'll just exercise for fun when I'm bored.
Or when I'm angry, sad, happy blah blah blah..
Or exercise to feel good about yourself.
Or just exercise on a normal day that I didn't binge for movement in my life LOL 

#1 - My most precious, precious 2nd hand $150 ( still expensive ) Elliptical 

 I'll actually use this almost everyday to exercise for about 30 ~ 45 minutes.
Except for weekends, sometimes I needa break :3 

To me, this is the best form of cardio I can get, because I hate running and just hate anything outdoorsy :( 

And I hate the sun too cause I perspire real easy and the sun is hot and just standing under it for 5 minutes will make me perspire like an elephant's pee. D: AHHHHHH ANNOYING BASTARD.

And I love watching k-dramas ( teehee ), so I would usually watch them while exercising on this baby.

Plus it'll make exercise seem more fun and interesting hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

#2 Massage Hulahooooop 

Days which I feel lazy but still have some sort of motivation to exercise, I'll use my awesome massage hulahoop ! 

You'll be exercising and having a stomach massage at the same time ! trololol

Bought it for $22 from Fairprice  .

The box said like "ninja hoop" or something and I was like LOOOOOL
but actually it's not really funny :/ 
sorry .. I'll just take back my LOOOOOL 

There's like bumps all around the inner hoop ( as you can see from the picture ) that does the "massage" i guess. 

I think hula hooping is good for creating a more .. slender stomach ? 
lol what the F my vocabulary sucks shit . 

aiya but overall it's a form of exercise can already so I'll just do it for a whole k-drama episode, around an hour. 

OH YES ! PLUUUUS, you'll be standing instead of sitting. Which equals to burning more calories. 

#3 My "ab" maker 

hahaha I called it the "ab" maker cause this tool exercises the abdominal muscles.

But till now I still don't have abs cause I'm a lazy bum I'll use this for like 30 secs and be like " OKAY I'M DONE, FINISHED, BYE BYE" 

How it works is that you're supposed to hold the handle and place both of your feet at the end of it, and just stretch and pull and blah blah blah. 

The middle blue thingy is elastic :3 

but if I do this for a long time, I'll end up looking like this, and feeling like this :

#4 Skipping rope 


I love skipping when I was young.

But then, as I grew older I became lazy. as usual. teehee.

I don't really skip for a long time cause,

I don't know why, but sometimes when I skip, my brain feels like its also jumping in my head :O 

And it feels really weird so I won't skip .

I wanna learn all those really cool skipping tricks. I tried a few times from videos on youtube, but all I did was tripping .

#5 2KG Weights 

Yes I feel that girls and women should use weights NOT to look like this :

But like this :

Just to have some muscles but not overly muscular :)

But when I want a full body workout or when I'm just not lazy and feel super active, I'll do this :

30 mins elliptical -> 15 mins hula hoop -> 5 mins skipping rope -> 1 min "ab" maker -> 3 mins 2kg weights + squats -> 1 min "ab" maker -> 3 mins 2kg weights + squats -> breath in, breath out . 



*** Oh yes, I do not exercise and workout like the past ( see my post on failed losing weight methods ) . Those are really crazy and retarded exercises and workouts, now I do it in moderation :) ***


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