Binge eating #3

This is just gonna be a short post on abit of how my binge eating is getting along.

because of "Elysa's staving and eating theory" ( see label body image and post on 

What I've did and done and tried to lose weight but failed, terribly )

I've been eating irregularly and unhealthily, so :  

I'm currently trying to eat a full meal for lunch and a light meal for dinner. Usually for breakfast I would just have a slice of wholemeal bread with peanut butter paired with soya almond milk. :3 yum yum. 

I don't know why, I don't like eating almonds raw in their nut form but blended in with  soya milk it taste awesome.

for a typical lunch I would eat either a bowl of rice OR noodles with some chicken for protein or egg and some veggies ( if i can be bothered to if not just chicken LOL ). 

I eat Japanese rice with chicken breast or fillet cooked with some soy sauce, sesame oil, oyster sauce, olive oil, cooking wine and a pinch of corn starch. 

Yes I know it's super duper simple and no variety AT ALL but I just love rice and chicken. 

I think if I'm left on an island with just supplies of rice and chicken already cooked, I'll be a happy happy person. wee~ 

For dinner I would just usually eat half a bowl of rice OR half a bowl of noodles with chicken and/or tofu or just some random side dish LOOOL 

But then sometimes I feel like eating 2 or 3 bowls of rice and tons of chicken and blah blah  so then I do.

But because I know that if I don't eat that extra bowl of rice or that extra plateful of chicken, I would binge after. 

Like the next day or something I will binge. :/ 

so I rather eat extra rice and chicken then go stuff myself with ice-cream, biscuits, chocolates etc etc 

cause AT LEAST rice and chicken is more healthier than all those junk.

You know what I mean? 

when going out to eat, choose the healthier meals.

for example Mcdonalds, choose like fish burger and apple slices or something and skip the fries and soft drinks.

AND !!! 


I drink water for every meal, except breakfast :O 

I only drink cold water though, drinking normal temperature water to me feels like .. urgh.

But if I've got no choice I will :( 

I haven't binge for about a week now so hopefully I will not binge forever.


Have a wonderful day people ! 


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