Holika Holika Miracle Real Skin Finish for Combination/oily skin review !

yaaaay! A review ! But DISCLAIMER ya, I'm not the best reviewer and I'm just reviewing it because I feel like it. ^^ 

Description of product: 

I bought mine from gmarket at $16.90. Not bad. 

The reason why I was so tempted to try this product was because it is said to brighten & whiten the skin, has a light texture that is not as heavy as bb cream plus there's some sunscreen protection as well. 

So technically it's not a bb cream but it's a multi-functional cream. #okaycan 

And it sounds so interesting as well, like miracle for the skin WOW. 

AND sistar is THE FACE for this ! :3

This product comes in two forms, the pink tub for normal/dry skin and the purple tub for combination/oily skin. 

Butta course I got the purple tub one cause generally I have oily skin. 

Received it after 2 weeks and was so egg-cited. LOL.

The packaging is soooo cute! The box has like this magical 'feel' to it with butterfly designs splattered all around it, and a cute little pop-up butterfly at the top! gaaaaah. It comes with the ingredient list and description of product and how to use it, all printed in english. Good. 

When you open the cap there will be another lid on the inside. 

The Cream : Totally white and quite creamy. Smells abit like sunblock :O But a better version. Just take whatever amount you'll like to use, but less is more :3 hohoho.

As you can see from the picture it is SUPER white and fairly easy to spread and blend. 
But it's too white and doesn't match my skin tone at all (picture 4). 

And truthfully speaking, this feels quite oily. actually quite alot. if I just apply this directly onto my face after my skincare, my face look much oilier instantly o.o 

maybe that's suppose to be a 'nice, luminous sheen' to others or whatever but nope, I don't really like that 'nice, luminous sheen'. It just looks like my face's oil factory exploded. :O

and to me, ( my opinions only !! to others may be different ) it doesn't have any coverage. my acne scars can still be seen, just that my overall face look whiter. like ghostly whiter. 

I rate this product a 3/10. 3 points for the packaging. BUT.

I found out a way that which this product will become quite awesome. :D

By ................ mixing it with some bb cream / foundation ! 

I don't want / like to apply a full face of bb cream / foundation because I feel like it's too much and feels heavy especially after a couple of hours. I like a light ~ medium coverage that can at least make my acne scars appear lighter and my face less redder. 

So basically this is what I'm doing for my daily face skin makeup : 

A dot ( or a dot and a half ) of my current bb cream + around 2 dots of the miracle real skin finish cream. or to make it easier, ratio of 1:1 . equal amount of each is good :D 

Or sometimes I'll even do this : bb cream + a small dot of green primer + miracle cream.

Mix them up and it becomes a wonderful shade of .... sand colour? haha!
but this shade matches my skin tone perfectly and I LOVE it.

So my conclusion : Just using the product itself is not that good. but mixing it up with some bb cream or foundation gives the result a nice texture, colour, not as oily, feels light ( doesn't feel so heavy on the skin ), and saves time by reducing 1 or 2 steps ! 

I think this product is worth a try :) because different people have different skin types and tones and different opinions and views.
plus it's not very expensive~


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