Exercises I do without equipments :D

Without equipments but with apps & YouTube videos ! :D 

Some are quite fun and interesting actually ~ 

These are the two apps I use very often, downloaded from the android market. 
And of course, my favourites :D And by the same developer :3

1) Daily Cardio Workout App 

I downloaded the free version, but of course with the full version there will be more variety and benefits but I don't wanna pay LOL 

What I LOVE about this app is that 
  • You get to choose your workout length. So if you're busy and in a rush but still wanna get a good sweat or just some movement in your life or that you've been sitting down for hours and want a quick workout and get back to your work or whatever your reason is, you can choose to exercise for 5 minutes, 7.5 minutes and 10 minutes. So for example you choose the 5 minutes one, there will be 9 different exercises each lasting for 30 seconds. 

  • I like the fact that there are a variety of exercises, like there are different exercises. Its boring when you just do one type of exercise for a long period of time, or even just a short period of time it's boring. With this app you can follow their different exercises provided :D ooooyeah

  • Super convenient. You can just be like at a bus-stop/ home/ workplace/ restaurant/ MacDonald's , pull out your mobile device, click the app and start workin' out! No need for any equipment whatsoever, just your body :) and maybe a bottle of water and towel. 

2) Daily Ab Workout App

Obviously I downloaded the free version too , hehheh.

This app is exactly same as the Cardio App, Just that this App aims to workout out your core abdominals. 

 YouTube Videos I watch /follow /use to burn some fatsssss ! 

1) Search : Zumba Sweat Choreography [uploaded by FatLossDude]

Super fun and makes you sweat buckets of rain. You can search other zumba videos as well, mostly are quite fun and interesting :D

2) Search : TiffanyRotheWorkouts

Has awesome workout videos, I especially love her Boxer Babe Cardio Workout video !

3) Search : Zumba Abs Shots [uploaded by PatriciaMatthews1]

Fun abs workout without all the crunchin' 

4) Search : Dance Central 2 

Okay technically you can choose whatever song you like listed in the search or where-ever. I don't have this game so I just follow videos of them :D you can still get a good workout ! my favourite song is 'Club can't handle me'. 

5) Search : FitnessBlender

Actually this is something like the Cardio App, just that this is in video form and has other types of exercises. Check out their other videos as well ! They have many workout videos that burns lotsa calories ! 

6 ) Search : Zumba abs workout [uploaded by tiffanyloveszumba]

Another fun abs workout without all that crunchin' ;)

There are much more workout and exercise Apps and videos but these are the ones I use most :) 

Have a great day everyone !


  1. Okay, you are now officially my new favorite blog! I WANNA BE YOUR FRIEND! (or weight loss buddies, whatever that is) I feel your pain with the binge and all, trying to exercise myself but seriously, i need motivation which usually only last for so long. T_T Well, anyway, if you don't want to please ignore this comment but if you do, send me a message at candyguibone@yahoo.com or make your life easier and go to my profile. lol. Have a nice day!


    1. Awwh thank you for wanting to be my friend / weight loss buddy ! I've email-ed you ! :D


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