Binge eating #2


I have to say this. I really need and want to talk to someone about this but I have no one. No friends. No one around me that can ever understand what I'm going through right now.

I have been binge eating non-stop for the past 1 week since last friday till today and I have no idea why. I've done my research and mostly is from emotional pressure and everything is got to do from the inside.

But, I understand and don't mind having no friends and not having a life and not being able to go out because my mum restricts me to. I think binge eating is a form of comfort for me because I always stay at home and every week my mum would go grocery shopping and buy trucks of junk food and leave them at home cause she eats them. 

But I'm always alone at home and in the end, I'll ending up eating all her food instead. Like wtf.


Ah... and I guess I don't have any hopes and dreams and have no fucking clue where the hell am I going with my life. 



  1. Hey there, you've got a follower here ^^

    I came across your post on soompi and liked the posts on here so yup, I'm here! Let's get through this whole weight/self-image issue together. It helps a lot when there is someone to motivate and support you, no? Looking forward to your updates ^^ (I need to update too... lol)


  2. hey ! awwh thanks ! :)
    Yes it really does help alot to know there are others
    that are motivating and supportive ^^
    I really love your beauty posts !
    Looking forward to your updates as well ! :)


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