Wedding dinner + talking ginger !

I attended my cousin's wedding dinner last Sunday !

Felt sooo damn awkward because my family is not even close to theirs and my family were just sitting awkwardly at the same dinner table as the bride and groom which I have no idea why. O.o

Okay, if my family and theirs were close, I would gladly sit at the same dinner table as them and congratulate them and all that shit. BUT, I haven't even seen them since like, I was 9 or 10 or something and we were all like 

Naturally the bride and groom and groom's parents are happy and all weee~ 
but the rest of us are like, "nothin' to say ...."

in conclusion I hate this kind of ...., meetings with long-time-never-see relatives.
but we had to go because it's my dad's sister's son's wedding, and we had to be respectful sooooo yup. 
Me and my sis just went for the high-class, so-called elegant food that is usually served at wedding dinners. teehee :3 

I really love this appetizer, the way all the food is arranged on the plate it's so, beautiful :O

there is more but I didn't get to take pictures of them because it became really awkward and I really hate awkward atmospheres and so my family and I left. :D 

what I wore was just a sleeveless floral top tucked in a black skater skirt. 

simple-ass make-up for that day. couldn't be bothered to doll up.

this app is called talking ginger ! super duper cute ! you can bath it blow dry it brush his ( or is it a her ? ) teeth tickle him and pull toilet paper as fast as you can. LOL.

something like talking tom but I find ginger more adorable and there are more things you can do with him :3



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