My favourite Beauty, Make-up & Hair YouTubers !

-big sigh of relief-

This post is gonna be on my favourite or just Youtubers I watch for make-up, hair, skin advice and all that jig for some inspiration :) Or just for fun. hoho.

1) MichellePhan 

Okay, I think almost every girl knows about her. Or almost every girl who is in to beauty and all that pickles will know who is she. From watching her videos, I love her make-up tips and awesome tricks and techniques for eye make-up, face make-up, whatever make-up. Her video tutorials are fun to watch and the way she talks and explain about what she is doing makes you wanna keep watching the video.

My favourite video by her: Fun eyeliner looks 

I LOVE EYELINER. Like if I can only choose one make-up product that I have to live with for the rest of my life, its eyeliner baby~
Eyeliner can totally change how one looks. Especially for me, eyeliner helps create an illusion of bigger eyes, or faking bigger eyes, cause I have mini eyes :/ 

2) Sunnydahye 

I love her k-pop inspired make-up tutorials ! As a k-pop fan myself :D ,
sometimes I feel like copying or having the same look as a certain k-pop celebrity, and I find Sunnydahye's tutorials awesomeeee 

My favourite video by her: f(x) electric shock krystal's make-up tutorial


I LOVE THIS LOOK ! the blue contact lens are so bright and vibrant and the eye make-up and contacts compliment themselves really well. 

3) frmheadtotoe

She is positive and lively and to me she kinda looks like sandara from 2NE1.
LOL. She has also done quite a few k-pop inspired make-up tutorials that are really cool, but are looks that I don't really feel like trying on my face. I don't like to apply blush. I feel that Sunnydahye's tutorials fit me more, like more 'my style'. know what I'm tryin' to say? 

My favourite video by her: Tsubasa Hime Gyaru dolly make-up tutorial 

I love Tsubasa, always seeing her on Japanese magazine covers. Her make-up is always cute and has a dolly effect. Like ultra dolly. :3

I like frmheadtotoe's version/ inspiration. It is a look that also gives the big eye dolly effect, which I loveee, :D but doesn't feel so over the top for times where I feel like putting on a cute dolly look for just going out on a typical day. 

4) OfficialSeeSeeWorld

She is more on the Japanese beauty and make-up side. I love both Korean and Japanese styles of make-up because they are so different yet so unique and pretty~ 
However I just don't like the blush. But her eye make-up is fantastic baby! 

My favourite video by her: Troublemaker MV Hyuna inspired Make-up tutorial

I think she did a really good job in recreating Hyuna's troublemaker look. And her hair is so pretty as well ! I love beach-ish waves or curls on my hair.

5) Bubzbeauty

Bubzbeauty has so many wonderful variety of videos. She does hair tutorials, make-up tutorials, nails tutorial, heart 2 heart talks, self-esteem, confidence, skincare topics etc etc

My favourite video by her: 6 quick summer hairstyles

For Bubzbeauty I really like this hair tutorial video. Because I live in Singapore and it's forever summer here, this tutorial is really good for me. I always have no idea on how to style my hair on hot days, which is usually everyday here haha! 

6) StyleSuzi

Gaaah I love her British accent. I've always wanted to have a British accent but fail :/
She is so fashionable and her make-up is always so dolly yet natural :O 

My favourite video by her: Psy gangnam style Hyuna make-up tutorial 

I think she really perfected Hyuna's gangnam style look here! Love the puppy dog eyeliner going on there and her hair is perfect too ! :D 

7) TheXiaxue 

She is a really popular Singaporean lifestyle blogger that has crazy colourful hair that looks amazing and wow wow. Her make-up style is also more to the Japanese, big dolly eye effect with falsies and eyeliner and mascara and all that jiggly puff. 

My favourite video by her: Dramatic bottom lashes without using falsies !

Her tip for creating dramatic lower lashes without falsies is kinda cool and awesome, because it doesn't involve sticking hairs onto the bottom of my eyes :3 

8) DiamondsAndHeels14

Love her voice, her tips, her advices, on just about anything and everything ! Weight loss, acne, hair protection, diets, pores, food, nails etc etc 

My favourite video by her: Hair loss on talkin Tuesday

haha because I lose so much hair per day and I want to know the reason why. Plus this video is super informative and fun to watch as weelll :D 


(miniature furnitures!!!) 


  1. Watch them all except the last one ;-D
    Did you see Michelle Phan's Zombie one? I swear it's so goood~ the editing and also makeup! so dramatic.

    1. yes i love michelle phan! her videos are really cute and inspiring ~ :D


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