My uneven eyelids + Etude house lucidarling fantastic rouge lip gloss review !

So tired after coming back home from work at 10pm. 
But I'm still gonna blog because .. I love it. :D 

This post will be a small review on the Etude house LUCIDarling fantastic rouge gloss in number 3 . It's not really a new product but I just want to share it with you guys :) 

I've done a Canmake lip gloss review here : 

And this is how dry my lips are WITHOUT any lip balm or gloss or anything, just bare.

My lips are like a desert. 

Well I've got this product from my sister like a couple of days ago and decided to give it a go. The Etude house gloss :) 

A few of the words dropped off LOL 

Its a really sweet light-ish baby pink colour but at the same time the colour is quite strong and obvious. It has a little shimmer in it but it's really pretty.

gaah my ugly lips. But anyway the colour is really really nice and it lasts for a really long time. Like maybe around 6hrs or even more :O 
The smell is quite alright and its not very sticky. The texture is good. :)
It does a good job moisturising my lips as well. 

This gloss and the Canmake candy wrap lip gloss in 04 are my favourites now :D

Pardon my bare, bare shitty face.
The gloss look really nice and pretty aye? :D 

I really don't like my uneven eyelids. I wear double eyelid tapes everyday when I go to school and work or whenever I just go out. 

Something like these :

It looks really weird, one eye smaller than the other or one eye bigger than the other. 

But I don't want to do plastic surgery :(

So I just I'll just have to live with it :/
But anyway double eyelid tapes are fine for me, for now. 

But it's quite obvious on the eyelids ..

Maybe in the future I'll change my mind?




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