Canmake candy wrap lip in 04 Lady Strawberry review !

Here comes the lip make-up review ! 

The title says it all :3
So I've recently been finding for a not so expensive, not so heavy-ish, without such heavy colourage that can last for quite a long period of time gloss in red. LOL. I have no idea what I just said but I think you should get it :D teehee. 

I want red instead of pink or natural colours or orange or all those other colours except red because I find that red suits me the most and red lips can be sexy and cute and natural at the same time :D LOL still have no idea what am I rumbling about. 

back to the point ... 

So I've finally picked out one that meets all of my criteria whoopee ! 

It's the Canmake candy wrap lip in red ! 
Lol I don't know why it's called candy wrap lip but whatever the packaging is pretty~~~ 

The application wand is like any other lip gloss wand so nothin' to say bout' that. 

It has a nice sheer red colour and the texture is not like sticky-land, it's actually quite smooth to apply. I love the texture :D 

OMG please ignore my man-stache :( 
So from the picture above it's quite obviously that this gloss is my fairy godmother. from super duper uber dry lips to glossy, moist, kissable ( not really cause your other half will get red gloss on their lips too which is well, haha ) lips ! TADAAAA ~ 

it's a lip transformation ! ahahahahah. I think I'm going insane. 

This gloss can last for a good amount of time, one of the reasons I really love it.
I'm the lazy type who hates reapply and reapply and reapply so yes. :3 

Conclusion, I really recommend you to try it out ! seriously it's awesome ! 

they have other colours to choose from as well if you don't like red :D 




  1. Did you buy it online? I have only once stumbled into that brand and I bought a really nice, creamy lipstick for not that much money.. It's such a pretty brand :p

    - Sally

    1. i actually bought it from a retail store and surprisingly its not very expensive :D i agree, canmake's products are quite awesome !


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