heh, childish, I know ....
okay, It's review time.
Okay I know the picture has two products, as you can see,
the koji eye talk glue and melliesh blush.
but, just going to do the melliesh blush for today :)
look at the background!
I heart studying yo

No Blush.

Me with the blush :D

Okay larh, have not much difference but! it's only the picture!
I promise it's so much nicer and kawaii (cute) in person.
I didn't put alot too because it's actually quite pink,
so just put abit can liao :)

this is the close-up.
the colour nice right?
love it.
it's like strawberry ice-cream, my favourite yum yum.

overall, I encourage you to get it, cause the colour is very cute,
and it makes you have a nice "not-geisha-wow-wow" type of blush,
and it actually looks quite natural,
like your face is alittle 'flushed' or like your naturally blushing like that.
if you know what I mean :)
hmm... yes so I recommend this product !
I rate this a 9/10 cause this is the only blusher that I've ever liked alot so far.
most of my other blushers are just bleh and thats why I discontinued using blushers until
I decided to try this melliesh blusher.
don't regret !

so, wait for the next one!

tata !


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