Loooong day today ): actually, okay larh

Yo Guys !

I'm currently blogging from school cause
(1) very tired just finished BBQ-ing (will talk about it more ;D )
(2) having free period (cause I'm unique, muahaha.....hah )
(3) lazy to do question 1 of c (or is it question c of 1..... )
(4) feel an urge to type!!
(5) my drama is freakin not loading...............DAMMIT

Okay, this will be a kind of long, wordy post with ZERO pictures,
yes zero,
because I don't bring my USB to school = cannot plug my phone into the computer ( I know... super noob that I don't have my own camera and have to use phone one ) = no pictures
***sad face***
edit, ( SUPER SAD FACE )
"I like pictures!!!" screams esa in a high pitch kiddy tone.

Okay getting back to the point,
for today and tomorrow me and my *ahem* business partner will be doing a two days only
How awesome is that? very.
And for the record, it's for charity, not for us.
( I found that out and my jaw was like, floor, tougue out, on floor )

Okay, the weather was already kind of hot, AND THEN!
then damn BBQ Pit was like, bomb!
And I could actually see heat waves!!!
the things that happen because of global warming......sigh

but, it was actually quite fun larh, take *lovevily* money although they aren't mine.
so now, I resting after that big event, and tomorrow another round ...
and was supposed to perform and drama thing today during english class (random, yes, i know) but ended up not doing it (again! yesterday was supposed to but didn't as well ) cause a member of our team did not appear. -.-

but, the bright side! I get to rest and only perform on thursday! :D
woot woot.
oh, and me going to do the melliesh review either today, or tomorrow... or thursday.
heh. ><

so, tata guys!
have a great day!
or a great afternoon!
or a wonderful night!
or a fruitful midnight!
if you know what I mean.


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