Etude House Aloe Moistfull Soothing Cream and First Essence Review!

Annnnd Back with another Etude House Review!
Hahahaa I am a forever Etude House Fan~

***Disclaimer! Just my opinions and thoughts on the products. You may have different skin type and different opinions!***

My skin is sensitive and always red and on top of that, I break out easily.
I get stress easily and it shows on my skin :(
Aloe is good for soothing and moisturising, so I've decided to try this product range!
Bought them from the Etude House store at JEM, total cost is around $60 I think. Between $50~$60.
It'll be much cheaper purchasing online though!

Reading all that makes me so excited to try out the product! 
Moisturising, irritation-free, soothing, nourishing, void of Paraben and talc, rich in vitamin C from Baobab Tree and Organic Aloe! 
How can I not love this product! 

First I'll start with the first essence! 

Description and Ingredients List~ 

I like that the gel texture is very light and easy to absorb. 
After gently rubbing it into my skin, it'll tend to feel sticky but it doesn't last long.
Feels really refreshing on the skin :D 

After applying the first essence, step two is the soothing cream! 
Got a free small sample bottle of the first essence!

Description and Ingredients List! 

At first I thought that the cream will feel heavy and like hair-sticking-to-my-face kinda thing, but surprisingly it feels quite light and really nice and moisturising~ 
Both the essence and cream has this refreshing smell to them which I like :3 

Currently I use them for my night routine. 
Overall I really like this Aloe Moistfull Range and it'll be good for people looking for a light and moist feel. :D 

My favourite girl idol :3 

Thanks for reading! :D



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