Wednesday, 30th September 2015


So damn excitedddd
The whole process took about.. an hour and 40 minutes? And it wasn't painful at all! 
First the brackets are sticked onto each teeth using some sort of glue, Idk what is it hahaha
Then the metal wire will be string across~ 

SOO the colour that I went for is Sapphire Blue! 
I did loads of research about what colour I should get. 
I wanted to go with white, you know like white maybe won't look so outstanding~ but then my dentist said eat curry turn yellow liao HAHA and it's actually still quite obvious with white brackets. 
And after many many many periods of reading up and browsing through photos, I decided with blue. I read that apparently blue will make your teeth look slightly less yellowish so yasss

My upper jaw~ I wouldn't say it's really terrible but it's quite uneven.

Some selfies from front and side views! 

After the braces were on, I didn't feel like eating at all. Maybe cause it felt so new and metal-ly and uncomfortable till I lost my appetite. Wasn't pain, just felt very alien in my mouth. FIRST TIME IN A LONG TIME LOSING MY APPETITE MAN. Usually when I'm sad and/or depressed, instead of not eating I will eat MORE. So I was really surprised that after my last meal which was my lunch, I didn't feel like eating. Though I drank lots of water because of the haze in Singapore, got sore throat and my body felt very poorly. 

Thursday, 1st October 2015

2nd Day with Braces

Time really flies. It's already October! I braced myself for today as I read up online that it'll hurt more only hours or the next day after the fixture of braces. But honestly I can say that it didn't hurt at all! No pain, just that weird alien feeling of new metal in my mouth but other than that, it was perfectly pain free! There's the metal scraping onto the inside of my mouth and there are really small cuts here and there but I don't feel that they are unbearable. Quite alright actually! 

Food wise, I blend a mixture of fruits (e.g. apple, orange, grapes, watermelon, honeydew, rock melon, tomatoes (okay this is not a fruit but I add them in anyways), banana) and add either milk or yogurt and some water for my breakfast. I also drink up all the fiber so that I will stay full for longer! Lunch I had porridge and dinner I had oats~

Friday, 2nd October 2015 

3rd Day with Braces

Morning the usual blend of fruits, Lunch I had kimchi soup with tofu and rice. I just dump the whole bowl of rice into the soup and can be easily swallowed. Dinner was soya pudding and pear + yakult juice. I can slowly feel ulcers popping out, most probably due to the cuts. But bearable!  

Saturday, 3rd October 2015

4th Day with Braces

Morning the usual, for lunch I had porridge with egg and egg tofu. Dinner was mash potatoes. Honestly I think I can actually bite foods now but the feeling is just uncomfortable and I don't want bits of food stuck in-between, will be a chore to get them out! 

Sunday, 4th October 2015

5th Day with Braces

Morning da usualll, Lunch was porridge with egg and baked beans. Dinner.. sliced fish porridge. The braces feel more comfortable now and kinda feels like it's actually part of my teeth. hehehehe 

Currently it's my 7th day typing this out and I still have ulcers around my mouth but other than that it's all good! Been loving my braces tbh and taking photos with my teeth like for literally every photo. 

Will be posting another update about my 1st tightening of braces session which will be in November! 

Thanks for reading!


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