Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick in 22 상큼한 비타민 레드 (Fresh Vitamin Red) Review!

Time really flyyyys~ 
It's already the third week of September! 
How has your month been? 
I've been working quite abit this month to earn more ka-ching~ :3 
hehe This time it's gonna be a short review of an Innisfree product! 
First Innisfree product that I'm reviewing on my blog :D 

Recently lip tints have become a popular trend, as they tend to leave a pigment on your lips that will not easily go away even when you eat and drink or try to wipe them out. Tints are great if you don't have the opportunity to touch up so often in your day :D 

Innisfree recently opened up a new store in Plaza Singapura this year and decided to give a try on their creamy tint lipstick! 
Since Hyuna's Red, I've been using and loving red lip colour HAHA so therefore picking this tint lipstick in number 22, a fresh red colour :3 

"The vivid lipstick in creamy texture for long-lasting color."
Mmmm~ I like the word 'long-lasting' heh heh

In the above picture, the tint lipstick is applied over the entire lips which gives a really chic and vivid look. 

I like to apply this gradient lip effect for my everyday look as it appears more subtle~ hehe

Just a swatch of the tint lipstick on my hand. With only one layer, the colour actually comes out to look quite soft and light and not really striking red. This is what I love about this tint lipstick~ You can build up the colour depending on what you feel like on one day, or just apply a thin layer on another! :D 

The texture of the tint lipstick is really as what they mention, creamy texture. 
It just glides on~ like roller blading or ice skating HAHA 
So smooth and so nice to apply~ 
PLUS it's not drying like many lipsticks are.

Usually I'll apply it in the morning around 9.30am before heading to work and it really stays for a loong time, till like evening or so. Even then the colour is still there but just not as obvious as in the morning. 

This photo is without the tint lipstick. 

And this photo was taken at night with the tint lipstick after having it on for about 5 hours or so~ 

My verdict? I LOVE IT. Gonna be my new lip essential unless I find something else better HAHA 

Usually after applying this tint lipstick I like to apply Holika Holika's Juicy Shine Lip Balm in watermelon to keep my lips nice and moist :D And it gives a little nice red hue too! 

It's 3.35am now in Singapore And I'm gonna wash off my clay mask as I've been blogging this post with the mask on HAHA 
And then it's sleep time! 

Hope you enjoy this post and have an awesome September 2014! 



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