Trip to America ! [Part 1]

Haaai! This blog post will be a continuous of the 3 days 2 Nights Japan Trip :D

Day 4

Had some last minute ramen in the airport before boarding~ Flight was on a Saturday Afternoon.

So the flight from Narita airport to JFK airport in US took 12 hours. Sit until butt pain and numb. Heh.

Had great plane food, watched movies and nap and eat somemore.

New York is 12 hours behind Singapore time, so it’s like time stopped for 12 hours and when we reached America, it was still Saturday Afternoon HAHA. 

Took a bus to New York and checked into our hotel!

Had some food at the hotel before heading for our sightseeing :D 

We took a evening/night tour bus as we didn't really know our way in New York so this is like an introduction to the city ت
Photos taken on the tour ride! 

The tour ended around 8.30pm and we were so tired we just headed back to the hotel and slept. 

Day 5

Woke up at 7am to have an early start to our day! Had breakfast at the hotel to energize ourselves for our next day of sight-seeing! 

Took the day tour bus today.
Our first stop, the Empire State Building! 

The view from the 86th floor.(‐^▽^‐)

The next stop was the Statue of Liberty! 
Took a ferry to Ellis Island for a closer look of the Statue of Liberty (✿◠‿◠)

More photo taken from Ellis Island! 

The next batch of photos are from the rest of the tour ride :D 

Had dinner at TGIF ! 

After dinner, we walked around Times Square and the near-by areas. 

Took this photo at the M&M store at Times Square! 
3 levels full of everything M&M ( ^ₒ^ )

Day 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 

Took a train to Pennsylvania and while my mum went there for business reasons, I stayed in the hotel and watch korean dramas and disney channel (─‿‿─)
Watched dramas like Hotel King, Gap Dong, Gods Gift 14 Days, Secret Love Affair and Angel eyes.

Just some photos taken at the train stations~

Day 11 we went back to New York by train again and continued our Sightseeing which will be continued in Trip to America Part 2! 
Too many photos in one blog post, later explode your comp heh :3



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