Current Makeup Looks I'm In Love With! ❤ ♡ ❤ ღ,

Hallo To March~! Or should I say going to the end of March heh. 
Been working about 4~5 days every week now that I'm on school break.
Current life involves Work, Sleep, Eat, Drama, Kpop. :3 Woohoo~ 
Been watching makeup tutorials as well and tried to replicate their results and always kinda fail. :/
Oh well I guess practice makes perfect? hehe~ 
The following are some of the Makeup styles that I really like :D

1. Pony's Beauty Diary : Burgundy Make-up. Love how she can blend red hues in a Make-up look and how soft it looks despite using deep colours! And her hair is just ❤ ♡ ❤ ღ .
What I like about this style is that it can be used as an everyday look as it has the perfect balance to be used on a daily basis.

2. Wengie's Qri Number Nine Make-up look. This look also incorporates burgundy as the main focus point of the style but in this look, the eye make-up has a stronger and more powerful style as compared to Pony's burgundy make-up. Overall, I love how Wengie's burgundy make-up has this intense gaze from her eyes but at the same time harmonizes well with the rest! 

3. SNSD Hyoyeon Inspired Make-up by Naomi Neo. Love how this look has a fun and vibrant concept to it! The vivid colours brings out such awesome-ly striking vibes, reminds me of carnivals, balloons and amusement parks. Love how she pairs the eye make-up with a nice, structured pair of brows and pastel pink lips to finish of the look. This look has three words to describe it, Young, Wild & Free! 

4. Martina's Goth Hello Kitty Hot Pink Make-up. Another fun and colourful make-up look! As the title goes, it has a somewhat slightly mysterious feel to it. I like how she uses pink & purple hues together to create this look. The colours really complements each other. Cute, fun and Sexy! 

5. Jennim's Everyday Makeup. Owner of Clothesencounters on Youtube, Love to watch her videos on how she styles her clothes based on various occations! I really like how this make-up look is so perfect for anyone to try out, Beautifully Simple. It brightens and enhances the eyes and brings out the natural glow from the face. The peach-coloured lips adds a touch of sweet and gentleness to the look. Love it! 

That's all for now~ You can try them out since they come with tutorials :D Yay! 



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