Etude House Ice Cream Nail Polish Review !

***Just my personal opinions and I'm not a pro HAHA***
***And maybe after reading this blog post you may have cravings to eat ice cream LOL.***

A new blog post review for another Etude House product! 
I have done quite a number of Etude House product reviews cause I just LOVE them. :3 
OH, And this is my very first Nails post! :D

I bought 6 out of 8 of the colours available for Etude House Ice Cream Nail Polish range!
All the colours look so yummy :3  
These are like really cheap and for the price, it's awesomeee!

I don't really paint glamorously, like the way i paint my nails is not like those clean and tidy and neat nails, so pardon me. :3
I also didn't use any base coat or top coat or any kind of those, I only used the product :)

Texture: Nice, two coats is sufficient for full coverage :D

#BL601 - Cool Blue Mint
This colour reminds me of Bubblegum ice cream! :D

#GR401 - Soft Crunch Green Apple
Reminds me of Mint Ice Cream! 

#BE101 - Sweet Banana
Reminds me of Mango Ice cream! 

#OR201 - Bitter-sweet Grapefruit
Reminds me of Raspberry ice cream!

#PK001 - Fresh Strawberry
Reminds me of, of course, strawberry ice cream!

#PP501 - Fresh Blueberry
Reminds me of Yam ice cream!

Recently I've been obsessing over anything Pastel :3 hehehe!

Do I recommend you to get these? YES!!!
Cute colours, Cute packaging, EVERYTHING IS JUST CUTE!! :D

And so I'm going to end with my Hamster, Cheese ! :D

Thanks for reading ! :D



  1. wow... you bought so many lovely colors!

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  2. Crazy Ice-cream craving monster mode: ACTIVATED

  3. Hi, Elysa! Thanks for the review, I absolutely love the packaging of these nail polishes! I'm definitely not a fan of the smell though, it's so strong! T__T

    Take a peek at my bloggie please? ^-^ Junniku blog [Click!]
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  4. so cute, love the packaging.

  5. wow, the pastel colours are so pretty ♡
    you paint them so neat!

  6. I love them! They´re so cute! ♡ (yes I did steal Anjeli´s little heart) My fave colours are the blue and green one... (^0^)

    x Please visit my blog, too!


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