Breaking Up with Him

It is close to two months since I've broke up with my boyfriend.
Yeah.. even though I thought he was really, really the one who I was going to marry in the future. 
After a year of being together we broke up because of several reasons.
It was a two-sided agreement.
We talked about it and decided a break-up was the best solution.

And it is.

For the last few weeks of being together, we fought alot. Almost everyday.
I guess breaking up is in a way.. better than fighting/ arguing everyday. 
We weren't happy being together.
We may have looked perfect from the outside but on the inside it's just bad.

Many girls go through a break-up and I know, it's hard.
A break-up is never easy. There are memories, Which makes you think back.
But a break-up is not the end of the world.
Yeah if it is the end of the world I may freak out a little or maybe alot but it's not.
It has been a wonderful experience with him for the past year,
we had fun.
I'm not erasing our memories, because I have no regrets about anything. 
I'm not going back.

I never regretted being with him and at the same time never regretted breaking up with him. 
I loved him.
But although love is love+reality, romance is needed in love.
I didn't feel any romance after a year.
All I heard was complaints and more complaints.
I'm not perfect. I'm sorry. 
My family is not perfect as well. I'm sorry.
I'm not pretty, I don't have a nice body, I'm not visually attractive.
I don't have a good personality.
I get piss easily.
I get angry for no reason.
I worry alot.
I gave you alot of stress.
My family gave you stress.
Thank you for enduring all my shit for the past year that we've been together.
Thank you for treating me so well.
Now, enjoy life without me. :)
Because you've been relieved of stress.

Being in a relationship is really not easy.
It's not only about love. 
It's about balance.
Love doesn't change, People change. 

The first few months with him was really nice. Of course. We were loving, we talked everyday, we were inseparable. 'I love you', we said this to each other everyday. I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life. I wanted him to be mine and to live with him forever. I guess forever is too long. I couldn't save this drowning relationship. I wanted to but it was so hard.

Now I see, we're better off without each other. Thank you for leaving my life. Because we're going to completely different paths. I don't think I will be able to lead the life you want me to if we were to marry. We have too different thoughts. 

We're still young. I believe we'll be able to find the one that we truly love someday. 

Do not always regret and think about it. It is really the best to move on with life because, regret will only hurt you and not the other party. 

Be strong. :) 


  1. its been one year and a half since l broke up too, l though he will be faithful >.<

    Be Strong, there is always someone better for us in this world ^^


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