Clio Small Face BB Cream Review !

***Disclaimer! This is just my honest opinion, but different people have different opinions and thinkings and blah***

Yeah it has been awhile.
Actually it's coming to a month since my last post.. 

But I'm back with a BB Cream review!
I've realised that there are very or close to no reviews about Clio Small Face BB cream when googling this product. 
There are more of the Clio Eyeliner reviews and other products that Clio has.
I was contemplating whether I should buy this product or not, but I just did LOL.   

I bought this BB Cream at the Watsons at Novena for $24.90.
I think this BB Cream is not carried by every Watsons store because Clio is sold at Strong Point's Watsons but they didn't have this Small Face BB Cream. The last time I checked. heh.

"SPF 50+ PA+++  Anti-Wrinkle, Whitening
Create the skin smoother and more elastic, and make a firm face line by containing Peptide and Phyto-Squalane."

What I think of this product: 

Texture - It feels a little thick but I think it is because is has a medium~heavy courage. One layer of this BB Cream is good for me. Too much of the product makes my skin feel quite heavy. Actually like any BB Creams or foundation, less is more. :) And of course blend the BB Cream well on your skin if not it'll just look bleh. Oh yeah and too much of the BB Cream will end up cakey-looking-ish. I like the coverage and applying the right amount of BB Cream does make my face look smoother. 

Smell - Oh yes! One of the reasons why I decided to purchase this BB Cream was because I tried the tester too at the store, and the smell is so good (to me)! I don't know why the smell reminds me of my past memories, like those fuzzy & warm feeling. I think I'm just weird.

For the anti-wrinkle part, I'm not sure about that because I don't really have any wrinkles now.. Maybe when I do have wrinkles I will try out this product again LOL.

For the whitening.. maybe after a prolong period of use the BB Cream you will see the results. But because I am doing this review the day after purchasing the product :3 hoho.

The important part! Since it is called Small Face BB Cream (like who doesn't want a small face, well I do) does it really make my face appear smaller or have any firming or lifting effect on my skin?
Not really. To me it's just like a good coverage and good BB Cream. Don't really see that my face looks smaller or anything.
BUT! Maybe after using the BB Cream for a long time, there will be effects.

Another good thing! This BB Cream contains SPF 50+ ! Well that's what the description says and I'mma just believe it cause I want to skip the sunblock part. 

Maybe because of the high SPF, you'll get whiter skin? LOL I'm talking nonsense.

Overall :

I do recommend this product because different people have different types of skin and opinions. It's quite a good BB Cream that doesn't break out my sensitive skin.

Yeah I know fuck face. but thank you for spending some of your precious time reading this! 

for now, 



  1. Is it matte? :-) It seems like it. I just love love those BB creams which are sorta dewey and also has a matte finish! Looks great on you, matches you perfectly.

  2. Yeah it's like sort of dewey yet matte! It's actually quite a good BB Cream! :D


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